Registration is CLOSED for the Fall outdoor leagues.  The Fall outdoor leagues at Maryvale (Saturdays) and Patterson Park (Sundays) will start September 10/11.  Visit each league’s main page for additional information specific to that league.  Note: Games times and number of divisions may be adjusted depending on the number of teams that register, however all games will be on Saturdays (Maryvale) and Sunday (Patterson Park) to the extent practicable.

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Important Dates
Cost – Early Registration (July 21, 2016 through August 7, 2016): $75/player^
Cost – Regular Registration (August 8, 2016 through August 16, 2016): $80/player^
Cost – Late Registration** (August 17, 2016 onward): $85/player^
Roster deadline – Friday, August 19, 2016 at 5:00pm (or earlier, as practicable)
Payment deadline – Saturday, August 27, 2016 (or earlier, as practicable)
NOTE: For Late Registration, the roster deadline will be two days after registration and payment deadline will be two days after the roster is received. Late registration may result in delays to receipt of jerseys.

^Returning players with a jersey who register as part of a team will receive a $5.00 discount.  Discount will be applied to the Team’s Balance Due.  Discount does not apply to players who register as Free Agents.  See the League’s Shirt Policy for more info.  **Late registration may not be available.  Registration AND deposit must be received by midnight on the particular date above to lock in that team’s per player rate.  See the Registration page for details.

Currently, there are no upcoming indoor leagues.  Stay tuned and join our Facebook fan page to keep posted.

View the TOP SCORER POLICY to see the players who are not eligible to play as non-roster players.

Most Recent Results:

Saturday Fall Outdoor League at Maryvale
Week 6 – 10/22/16 (For complete reg. season results, click here) – Playoff Schedule
9:00am – Ben Chi’s Assassins (0, L) v. Blue Magic (2, W)
10:05am – Green Machine (1, L) v. White Noise (6, W)
11:10am – Savage FC (4, W) v. Boh United (2, L)
12:15pm – Real Mattrid (0, T) v. Yacht Club (0, T)
1:20pm – Terrapins FC (2, W) v. LFC Baltimore Reds (1, L)
2:25pm – Terps FC (3, W) v. Fed Hill United (0, L)
3:30pm – Lutherville Sea Otters (1, W) v. SHGSC (0, L)
4:35pm – Cumunolimbus (1, L) v. Toast FC (3, W)

Sunday Fall Outdoor League at Patterson Park (Utz Field)
Week 6 – 10/16/16 (For complete reg. season results, click here) – Playoff Schedule
8:30am – Fighting Mongoose (0, L) v. MaroonaKoné (2, W)
9:35am – Minions FC (1, L) v. Pink Slip (2, W)
10:40am – Bulls FC (6, W) v. Bayern Nerdich (0, L)
11:45am – Mellow Yellow (1, L) v. Super Selection (2, W)
12:50pm – Boh FC (2, W) v. Teal Steel (0, L)
1:55pm – Swamp Donkeys (1, L) v. Bmore Bombers (4, W)
3:00pm – Orange Crush (4, W) v. Balmer United (1, L)
4:05pm – EAD FC (3, W) v. Grey Team (1, L)
5:10pm – Misfits United (0, L) v. Team haramBAE (1, W)
6:15pm – Scientists FC (2, W) v. Chupacabras FC (0, L)
7:20pm – Old Bae FC (2, W) v. Cantona FC (1, L)

For Rule clarifications and updates, go to the Rules page.

None at this time.

Championship History

CONGRATULATIONS to the Saturday Spring League winners – Blue Magic (Serie A) and Lutherville Sea Otters (Serie B)
CONGRATULATIONS to the Sunday Spring League winners – Pink Slip (Serie A) and Chupacabras FC (Serie B)

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