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Charm City Soccer League Rules
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Game Rules – Indoor
Game Rules – Outdoor

Recent Rule Change(s):

A slight modification was made to the Top Scorer Policy on 3/16/17.  The rule as modified no reads, in pertinent part:

  • Top Scorer Rule.  A Top Scorer may not play as a non-roster Player for a team.
    • Exception:  A Top Scorer in ‘Serie B’ or ‘Serie C’ may be a non-roster player for a team in a ‘Serie A’ game so long as that Top Scorer is not also a Top Scorer in ‘Serie A’.

The modification above no longer permits a Top Scorer in Serie C to play in a Serie B game (and would not permit that Top Scorer’s goal, should they play in violation of the rule).

Please be advised that the League has currently reviewed and evaluated all of its rules, policies, and procedures in order to clarify and simplify them.  Any material changes to the rules, policies, or procedures after 3/19/15 will be listed in this section.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Charm City Soccer League Policies
Discretionary Policy
Division Placement Policy  (including promotion/relegation) (formalized in 2017)
Documentation Policy (including roster information and required forms)
Forfeit Policy
Non-Roster Player Policy (more clearly organized in 2017)
Penalty Card Policy
Refund Policy
Registration Policy (Team and Free Agent)
Roster Policy (including how to complete team rosters, roster modifications, etc.)
Shirt Policy
Top Scorer Policy

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