Shirt Policy

Except for goal keepers, players are required to wear the League shirt for all games in order to be eligible to play.  Roster Players not wearing the League shirt will be considered non-roster Players and subject to the rules governing such players (see Roster Policy – Non-Roster Players and Documentation Policy).

Moisture-Wicking Shirts
The League believes that it is important for Players to wear shirts made from a material that is more conducive to playing soccer than traditional cotton t-shirts provided by other recreational leagues.  As such, the League provides a shirt made from a moisture-wicking material to each new Players listed on the team’s Roster.  Exception:  The team’s Captain may request that a shirt not be ordered for the team’s goal keeper.  If that is the case, that goal keeper will not receive a shirt and will be charged as a returning player (as if s/he had a shirt already).

The League’s priority is to provide uniform colors to teams such that two teams will not have the same color uniforms.  In light of this, the League will make its best effort to provide each team with its desired color of uniforms, but makes no guarantee to do so.

Shirts Subsidized/Fees Discounted
In order to keep costs reasonable for Players, the League has determined that it will subsidize the cost of first-time Players to cover the cost of the initial shirt.  As a special consideration due to feedback from Players, the League has revised its policy keeping the fees for first-time Players and returning players the same by providing a loyalty discount to those players returning to a team with his/her shirt.  The discount may vary depending on the venue due to the differing costs associate with field rentals.  Given the cost of the higher quality shirts, the League regrettably cannot provide new shirts to all returning players in subsequent seasons.

In select instances, some returning Players will receive a new shirt.  For example, someone who previously played in the League who registers as a Free Agent will receive a new shirt if placed on a team with a different shirt color.  Similarly, a Player will receive a new shirt if that Player was on one team in the League and switches to another team in the League with a different shirt color.  No discount will be applied to any player who registers as a Free Agent, regardless of whether they are placed on a team having the same color shirt as one they may already have from a prior season.

Player Responsibility
Any Player who has been provided a shirt by the League is expected to retain that shirt and have that shirt available for use in future seasons of play.

Uniform Alterations.  Alteration to the League-provided shirts are permitted so long as the alteration is minimal in size, not offensive in nature, and does not cover/destroy any logos or the number.  Teams, if they wish, may add names to the back of their shirts.  A logo for a team’s sponsor (if applicable) may be added so long as that sponsor does not in any way compete with any League sponsor(s).

Additional, Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Shirts
If a Player would like a new (or additional) shirt, or would like a shirt having a different number, that Player may purchase a new shirt at a cost of $15.00.  Any player who loses, destroys, or otherwise cannot use his/her shirt will be charged $15.00 to have that shirt replaced.  Shirt orders will generally be placed (1) prior to the season, and (2) after the third week of the season when rosters are finalized for that season.  Failure to notify/submit payment for a shirt prior to one of these times may result in a longer than normal order time.

Shirt Number Assignments
Team Captains should ensure that a Player is not assigned a shirt number that has already been assigned; if this happens, that Captain may be charged the amount indicated above to obtain a new shirt with a unique number for that Player.  The League will assist Captains with their efforts to determine whether a previously assigned number is going to be ordered, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each Captain and not the League to be aware of such occurrences.

It is strongly suggested that a Captain not assign a number to a Player on his/her team that has previously been assigned to another Player who has played for that team.  Every season, some Players do not return.  If a new Player is assigned a number for a player who has not/will not return, there is no issue.  However, if a Player that does not return for a season comes back at a later date and two Players have the same shirt number, either the Captain or one of those Players will be required to purchase a new shirt.  The League will not absorb the cost of the additional shirt.

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