Roster Policy

How to Complete Team Rosters
Completing your team’s roster on the registration website need not be done at the time of registration, but must be done on the registration website prior to the Roster Deadline (see Registration page for appropriate dates).  If you are unable to continue with the registration without adding any roster players, complete the roster information for yourself and then select “Continue”.  If you do not have all of your players’ information, you’ll be able to bypass some questions, but you should come back and update any missing information by the Roster Deadline.  Be sure to input all roster information accurately.

Team Roster

  • Number of Players.  Each team is charged for a minimum number of Players (15 for outdoor, 12 for indoor), but may choose to have fewer Players on their team’s roster.  There is no maximum to the number of Players who may be on a roster.
  • Each team must register (at least) one player as a goal keeper (GK).
    • The player designated as a GK is one who will generally play (or intends to play) at least one-half of the games in goal for the team.
    • Failure of a team to register a GK will not result in any penalty; however, should that team make it to playoffs (or a non-guaranteed game), the team must use one of its roster players as GK for any such game, without exception.
  • Every player must be 21+ years old as of the start of the season, barring an exception from the League (rarely, if ever).
  • Completing the online roster:
    • For returning players, you need only complete the required fields unless any info for that player has changed.
    • If the player is a new player (to your team), complete all fields.
    • Note:  Be sure to refer to your team’s historical roster when assigning numbers to new players (see Shirt Policy – Shirt Number Assignments).
  • Free Agent Player Requests.  Free Agent (FA) players can never be guaranteed.  However, if your team needs FA’s, please let the League know ASAP and assistance will be provided based on the FA pool and other teams’ needs.
  • [New in 2018] Late Roster Fee.  It is each Captain’s responsibility to submit their team’s online roster in accordance with the Roster Deadline.  Unless excused by the League (rarely, if ever), any team that has fewer than eight (8) players listed on their online roster by the Roster Deadline or submits a roster offline rather than completing the required online roster will be subject to an administrative fine of $50.00, which will be reflected on the team’s invoice.
    • Failure to submit a complete roster by the Roster Deadline will also likely result in a delay of remaining players’ shirts.

Team Invoice (see Team Pricing, Invoices, and Payments for more information)

  • Failure of a Captain to input at least 15 players by the Roster Deadline will result in the Captain being charged for 15 players.
  • The League will review your team’s online roster after the Roster Deadline and generate an invoice based on that roster showing the calculation of your Team Balance Due.
    • If your online roster is complete prior to the Roster Deadline, let the League know and your invoice will be prepared earlier.

Roster Modifications
A team’s online roster is NOT necessarily that team’s final roster.  A team may make changes to their roster after the Roster Deadline.  Any changes to your team’s roster after the Roster Deadline (or earlier, if you indicate that your roster is complete prior to the deadline) must be made via email to the League.

  • Once an invoice is sent:
    • A team’s roster may only be modified by having Players be added or replaced, not removed.
    • If the League is notified that a Player is to be added to a team, that Player is immediately deemed to be added and money for that Player is due and owing by the team.
  • Cost for additional or replaced players.  The per Player cost is based on when the team registered (e.g., early, regular, or late), regardless of when during the season the Player is added.
    • Adding a Player.  If a team registered during early registration, a Player may be added at the early player rate ($75 for a new Player, $70 for a returning Player).
    • Replacing a Player.  If a team replaces a returning Player with a new Player, the team will be responsible for the difference between the cost of the two players (generally, $5).
    • New/replacement shirt required.  See “shirts for replacement players”, below.

Roster changes may be made, as follows:

  • Final Roster Due Date.  A captain may (1) add a Player(s) to their roster or (2) replace a Player(s) on their roster until midnight on the day of the third game of the season.  (Note: the Captain should not send a complete roster with all players listed; merely sending an email with the modification(s) will suffice).  Any changes will be effective, provided the following are done by this date:
    • Notification of the roster change, including the new player’s complete roster information, must be sent to the League’s email address; and
    • Any payment associated with the roster modification (including the cost of any replacement shirt, if applicable) must be received by the League.
  • [New for 2018] Injured Reserve (IR) Spot.  Generally, as of the Final Roster Due Date, all rosters will be considered final.  Subject to the League’s discretion and the League requirements, below, a team will have the ability to replace one (1) player on that team’s roster who is medically incapable of playing due to significant injury.
    • Significant injury, defined.  The League, in its discretion, will determine what qualifies as a significant injury.  However, a significant injury is one that would likely prevent the Player from playing for at least four (4) weeks.  The League must be furnished with sufficient evidence in support of the player’s medical incapacity.
    • This change must be made by midnight on the night of the team’s seventh (7th) game of the season.
    • The proposed replacement player should be fairly comparable in skill to the medically incapacitated player.
    • When making a determination as to a suitable replacement player, the League will generally give increased weight to players in the following order of priority:
      1. Players who have played with the team in a non-roster role in the current season;
      2. Players who have played with the team in a prior season (if applicable);
      3. Players who have played with the team in a non-roster role in a prior season; and
      4. Other players.
    • Note:  Merely because a player is unable to make it to one or more playoff games does not, alone, warrant a team invoking the IR Spot.
    • If a Captain feels that a roster modification other than one described herein should be permitted, the League will consider the request and may, in the sole discretion of the League, allow the Captain’s request.
      • Note:  the League’s discretion will be applied very sparingly.
  • Shirts for replacement players.  All rules regarding League shirts, including that all Players must wear their team’s League shirt for any playoff game, remain in effect for replacement players.
    • Generally, the Captain will provide the replacement Player with the shirt of the Player who was replaced.  If the replacement Player is not able to wear the removed Player’s shirt (e.g., the new player is a ‘Large’ and the old player is a ‘Small’), a new shirt must be purchased for the replacement player at a cost of $15.00.  The final shirt order is generally placed on the Monday following the 3rd game of the season.
    • If a Player is replaced after the the final shirt order is placed and shirt size is an issue, the League will work with the team on a viable solution.
    • The team must notify the League of the shirt number the replacement player will use for the remainder of the season, if different from that of the replaced player.

Any roster changes not made in accordance with the above will be considered invalid and the team may be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the League.

Non-Roster Players
See the Non-Roster Player Policy for rules governing the use and procedures related to non-roster Players.

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