Top Scorer Policy

As stated in the Roster Policy, non-roster Players are permitted by the League to play for teams other than their own to reduce the likelihood of forfeits.  In the opinion of the League, Top Scorers should not play as a non-roster Player due to the greater likelihood of an impact that Player may have on the outcome of a game.

The League recognizes that non-roster Players other than the Top Scorers may have an impact on a team’s game, but the League believes that such an impact is more direct and measurable by allowing Top Scorers to be non-roster Players.  Therefore, in the interest of fairness to all teams and in exchange for allowing non-roster Players to play (rather than restrict teams to playing with only Players from their roster), the League sees fit to impose a restriction on Top Scorers.

  • Top Scorer.  A top scorer is :
    • Any male* Player listed on the leaderboard in any league (e.g., Sat/Sun) for the current season or any of the two prior seasons, or
    • Any male* non-roster Player who would have been listed on the leaderboard in any league (e.g., Sat/Sun) for the current season or any of the two prior seasons had that Player been on a team’s roster.
    • For example, if the current season is Spring ’15, the prior two seasons are Summer ’14 and Fall ’14.
  • Top Scorer Rule.  A Top Scorer may not play as a non-roster Player for a team.
    • Exception:  A Top Scorer in ‘Serie B’ or ‘Serie C’ may be a non-roster player for a team in a ‘Serie A’ game so long as that Top Scorer is not also a Top Scorer in ‘Serie A’.
  • Violation of Rule.  If a Top Scorer violates the Top Scorer Rule, any goal(s) scored by the Top Scorer in that game will not count** toward that team’s totals for the game, the overall score, or goal differential.

The following Players are subject to the Top Scorer Rule.  Captains should be aware of this list before asking a non-roster Player to play for their team.

(Note:  If a player is inadvertently not listed below, but they are subject to the Rule because they are a Top Scorer based on the particular season’s leaderboard, that player will remain subject to this rule).

Serie A

Player Name Season
Adam Boyce 2017 Spring
Adrian Tombini 2017 Summer
Allan Issenchmidt 2017 Fall
Ben Brody 2017 Springº, Fall
Brian Powell 2017 Spring
Chris King 2017 Spring
Daniel Sacco 2017 Summer
David Endres 2017 Spring
David Metcalf 2017 Summer
David Piliponskiy 2017 Fall
Franco Buzzalino 2017 Summer
Jake Gibson 2017 Spring
Jake Gorretta 2017 Spring, Summer, Fall
James Blecher 2017 Spring
Justin King 2017 Summer
Mamadou Ndiaye 2017 Fall
Matthew Freibaum 2017 Fall
Nathan Van Rensselaer 2017 Fallº
Pablo Said 2017 Summer, Fall
Sean Webb 2017 Summer
Taylor Bechtel 2017 Spring
Vinnie Heath 2017 Summer
Will Cohen 2017 Summer

Serie B and C (for C, more than 3 goals)

Player Name Season
Adam Mason 2017 Fall
Bryn Holmes 2017 Spring
Casey Cheek 2017 Summer
Chris Khokhar 2017 Spring, Fall
Corey Hall 2017 Summer
Diego San 2017 Summer
Dimitri Tsapalas 2017 Spring
Drew Ricci 2017 Spring
Dustin Keesy 2017 Spring
Ertan Tuncer 2017 Summer
Fawaz Inad 2017 Fall
Franqo Guthua 2017 Spring
Jenri Zelaya 2017 Summer, Fall
Jhonny Rodriguez 2017 Summer, Fall
Jimmy Hoyt 2017 Spring
Joey Bellinger 2017 Summer
K’Ronn Cranford 2017 Spring, Summer
Kevin Easterly 2017 Fall
Luis Velasquez 2017 Fall
Matt Rehak 2017 Summer
Mehran Mirjafari 2017 Summer
Patrick Dougherty 2017 Spring
Phil Nichols 2017 Spring
Rick Taglienti 2017 Spring
Roger Robbins 2017 Fall
Romaine Burke 2017 Fall
Ryan Maher 2017 Summer
Shawn Koval 2017 Summer
Steve Delany 2017 Fall
Timothy Miller 2017 Summer
ºNon-roster player; however, subject to the same rules as roster players.
*The League recognizes that female Top Scorers may have an impact on games as well.  However, given the considerable and consistent difficulty teams face to find female non-roster Players (as compared to male non-roster Players), a decision has be made to place the restriction on male Top Scorers only.
**This rule was determined based on feedback from team Captains and was selected over a rule that would cause both the team for which the Top Scorer played and the Top Scorer’s team to forfeit their games.  While considered by the League, a determination was made that imposing forfeits on teams in this way would be an overly harsh penalty and not in the best interests of the League, its teams, or its Players.  Should a Top Scorer play in violation of the rule that imposes a reasonable restriction, the penalty will at least operate to mitigate that Player’s direct impact on the game.

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