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Saturday Team Captains play for FREE*!

While the Sunday league (Patterson Park) has been full over the past few seasons, the Saturday league (Maryvale) has had some vacant team spots.  In an effort to fill up the Saturday league with two full divisions (8 teams each) thereby offering more and varied competition for each of the teams in the Saturday league, the League is offering a limited time promotional offer where Team Captains will PLAY FOR FREE*, provided the Team Captain is in “good standing” prior to the start of the season.  To be in good standing prior to the start of the season:

  • The Team Captain will need to register his/her team in accordance with the normal registration procedures (including submission of the $200 team deposit);
  • The team must still have 15 paid players (minimum) on the roster (this does not include the Captain);
  • The team’s roster must be submitted online (unless an exception has been made by the League) by the roster deadline;
    • If a team Captain does not complete the team’s online roster (or there are not at least the minimum number of paid players listed on the team’s roster) by the roster deadline, the Captain will lose $25 of this discount PER DAY (or portion of a day) that the roster is not submitted
  • The Team Captain (or team representative) must make ALL payments (and they must be received) in accordance with the payment deadline.
    • If a team Captain does not submit payments in accordance with the payment deadline, the Captain will lose $25 of this discount PER DAY (or portion of a day) that the payment is not received.  If necessary, this amount will be subtracted from the team’s forfeit fine held by the League.

The discount for the Team Captain will be reflected on the team’s invoice prepared by the League.  From the League’s perspective, since the Captain will collect money and pay the Team Balance Due for their players, this will be reflected as a discount for the Captain.  However, the discount can be used by the Captain in a number of ways.  For example:

  • To offset the Captain’s fee;
  • To split between the fee for Saturday and Sunday Captains, if both players play on both days;
  • To cover the cost of one player spot, giving the team a one-player “cushion” for the playoffs/non-guaranteed games;
  • To cover the cost of a player who may not have paid the Captain;
  • To benefit some/all players on the team; or
  • In some other useful manner as decided upon by the Captain.
*Note: The League will not – and is under no obligation to – retroactively apply this discount to a team who has the requisite number of players to be eligible for the “Captain plays Free” discount if that requisite number of players is reflected after the Roster Deadline.  Discount does not apply to a team that has one or more Free Agents assigned to the team unless that team already has the requisite number of players to be eligible for the discount before taking into consideration Free Agent players.  Discount does not apply to a Free Agent team put together by the League.  A team that was formerly a Free Agent team that registers as a team is not considered a Free Agent team.  Discount was applicable for the Fall 2016 season to those Captains who adhered to all of the above.  Promotional offer is not guaranteed to continue for all future seasons, but will be available for the Summer 2017 season.  If this promotional offer is extended beyond the Summer 2017 season, this page will be updated to reflect the change.
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