Patterson Regular Schedule (Fall)

Sunday Fall Outdoor League

Please also note that games may conflict with Ravens home games (or another NFL team’s game).  The League makes a concerted effort to schedule games for teams evenly throughout the day over the course of the season.  Apologies, in advance, for any conflicts or inconveniences the schedule may cause your players.  Please plan accordingly.

Regular Season*
September 10, 2017
8:30am – LFC Baltimore Reds (2, W) v. DAS FC (1, L)
9:35am – Brookside Market (2, W) v. Bulls FC (1, L)
10:40am – EAD FC (pennies) (0, T) v. Minions FC (0, T)
11:45am – Boh FC (pennies) (2, W) v. Kittenface FC (0, L, Forfeit)
12:50pm – Brooklyn Scorpions (1, L) v. Perspolis (5, W)
1:55pm – Balmer United (pennies) (1, L) v. Don’t Tell My Boss (3, W)
3:00pm – Game of Throw-Ins (3, W) v. Teal Steel (1, L)
4:05pm – Super Selection (1, L) v. Bayern Nerdich (2, W)
5:10pm – Darwin’s Angels (1, T) v. Cantona FC (1, T)
6:15pm – Mellow Yellow (0, L) v. Orange Crush (2, W)
7:20pm – Chupacabras FC (3, W) v. Mean Green Machine (1, L)
8:25pm – Pink Slip (1, W) v. Fighting Mongoose (0, L)
BYEs -MaroonaKoné, Grey Team, Misfits United

September 17, 2017
8:30am – Kittenface FC (2, W) v. Chupacabras FC (0, L)
9:35am – Perspolis (1, T) v. Cantona FC (1, T)
10:40am – Darwin’s Angels (3, W) v. Misfits United (0, L)
11:45am – Balmer United (2, W) v. Orange Crush (0, L)
12:50pm – Brookside Market (3, W) v. MaroonaKoné
1:55pm – EAD FC (2, W) v. Fighting Mongoose (0, L)
3:00pm – Mellow Yellow (4, W) v. Teal Steel (1, L)
4:05pm – LFC Baltimore Reds (1, L) v. Don’t Tell My Boss (2, W)
5:10pm – Brooklyn Scorpions (1, T) v. Boh FC (1, T)
6:15pm – Grey Team (0, L) v. DAS FC (1, W)
7:20pm – Bulls FC (1, T) v. Bayern Nerdich (1, T)
8:25pm – Super Selection (2, W) v. Minions FC (1, L)
BYEs – Pink Slip, Game of Throw-Ins, Mean Green Machine

September 24, 2017
8:30am – MaroonaKoné (2, W) v. Super Selection (1, L)
9:35am – Bayern Nerdich (2, L) v. Pink Slip (3, W)
10:40am – EAD FC (3, W) v. Brookside Market (2, L)
11:45am – DAS FC (0, L) v. Mellow Yellow (1, W)
12:50pm – Cantona FC (0, L) v. Chupacabras FC (2, W)
1:55pm – Mean Green Machine (0, L) v. Misfits United (3, W)
3:00pm – Boh FC (1, T) v. Darwin’s Angels (1, T)
4:05pm – Teal Steel (0, T) v. Grey Team (0, T)
5:10pm – Orange Crush (2, T) v. Don’t Tell My Boss (2, T)
6:15pm – LFC Baltimore Reds (5, W) v. Game of Throw-Ins (0, L)
7:20pm – Fighting Mongoose (1, T) v. Minions FC (1, T)
8:25pm – Perspolis (1, T) v. Kittenface FC (1, T)
BYEs – Bulls FC, Balmer United, Brooklyn Scorpions

October 1 – No games scheduled (Ravens v. Steelers)

October 8, 2017
8:30am – Orange Crush (2, W) v. LFC Baltimore Reds (1, L)
9:35am – Misfits United (1, T) v. Perspolis (1, T)
10:40am – Kittenface FC (0, T) v. Brooklyn Scorpions (0, T)
11:45am – Fighting Mongoose (1, T) v. Super Selection (1, T)
12:50pm – Cantona FC (3, T) v. Boh FC (3, T)
1:55pm – Grey Team (1, L) v. Don’t Tell My Boss (2, W)
3:00pm – Bulls FC (1, W) v. Minions FC (0, L)
4:05pm – DAS FC (4, W) v. Game of Throw-Ins (1, L)
5:10pm – Mean Green Machine (0, L) v. Darwin’s Angels (2, W)
6:15pm – Balmer United (2, W) v. Mellow Yellow (1, L)
7:20pm – EAD FC (0, T) v. Pink Slip (0, T)
8:25pm – Bayern Nerdich (1, T) v. MaroonaKoné (1, T)
BYEs – Brookside Market, Teal Steel, Chupacabras FC

October 15, 2017
8:30am – Balmer United (6, W) v. Game of Throw-Ins (5, L)
9:35am – Perspolis (0, L) v. Darwin’s Angels (5, W)
10:40am – Don’t Tell My Boss (2, W) v. Teal Steel (0, L)
11:45am – Mean Green Machine (1, L) v. Cantona FC (2, W)
12:50pm – Fighting Mongoose (0, T) v. Bayern Nerdich (0, T)
1:55pm – Misfits United (2, T) v. Kittenface FC (2, T)
3:00pm – Bulls FC (1, L) v. Super Selection (2, W)
4:05pm – Brooklyn Scorpions (2, W) v. Chupacabras FC (0, L)
5:10pm – Brookside Market (3, W) v. Pink Slip (1, L)
6:15pm – EAD FC (0, L) v. MaroonaKoné (1, W)
7:20pm – Orange Crush (0, L) v. DAS FC (1, W)
8:25pm – Grey Team (1, L) v. LFC Baltimore Reds (7, W)
BYEs – Minions FC, Mellow Yellow, Boh FC

October 22, 2017
8:30am – Pink Slip v. Bulls FC
9:35am – Super Selection v. EAD FC
10:40am – MaroonaKoné v. Fighting Mongoose
11:45am – Chupacabras FC v. Perspolis
12:50pm – Boh FC v. Mean Green Machine
1:55pm – LFC Baltimore Reds v. Balmer United
3:00pm – Game of Throw-Ins v. Orange Crush
4:05pm – Cantona FC v. Kittenface FC
5:10pm – Mellow Yellow v. Grey Team
6:15pm – Minions FC v. Brookside Market
7:20pm – DAS FC v. Teal Steel
8:25pm – Brooklyn Scorpions v. Misfits United
BYEs – Bayern Nerdich, Don’t Tell My Boss, Darwin’s Angels

October 29, 2017
8:30am – Misfits United v. Cantona FC
9:35am – Brookside Market v. Fighting Mongoose
10:40am – Mellow Yellow v. Game of Throw-Ins
11:45am – Grey Team v. Balmer United
12:50pm – Pink Slip v. MaroonaKoné
1:55pm – Minions FC v. Bayern Nerdich
3:00pm – Don’t Tell My Boss v. DAS FC
4:05pm – Darwin’s Angels v. Kittenface FC
5:10pm – Chupacabras FC v. Boh FC
6:15pm – Brooklyn Scorpions (pennies) v. Mean Green Machine
7:20pm – LFC Baltimore Reds v. Teal Steel
8:25pm – Bulls FC v. EAD FC
BYEs – Super Selection, Orange Crush, Perspolis

November 5, 2017
8:30am – Don’t Tell My Boss (pennies) v. Mellow Yellow
9:35am – Misfits United (pennies) v. Chupacabras FC
10:40am – Minions FC v. Pink Slip
11:45am – Brooklyn Scorpions v. Darwin’s Angels
12:50pm – Kittenface FC v. Mean Green Machine
1:55pm – Bayern Nerdich v. EAD FC
3:00pm – DAS FC v. Balmer United
4:05pm – Game of Throw-Ins v. Grey Team
5:10pm – Brookside Market v. Super Selection
6:15pm – Boh FC v. Perspolis
7:20pm – MaroonaKoné v. Bulls FC
8:25pm – Teal Steel v. Orange Crush
BYEs – Fighting Mongoose, LFC Baltimore Reds, Cantona FC

November 12, 2017
8:30am – Bayern Nerdich v. Brookside Market
9:35am – Teal Steel v. Balmer United
10:40am – Mellow Yellow v. LFC Baltimore Reds
11:45am – Pink Slip v. Super Selection
12:50pm – Chupacabras FC v. Darwin’s Angels
1:55pm – Orange Crush v. Grey Team
3:00pm – Mean Green Machine v. Perspolis
4:05pm – Fighting Mongoose v. Bulls FC
5:10pm – Boh FC v. Misfits United
6:15pm – MaroonaKoné v. Minions FC
7:20pm – Cantona FC v. Brooklyn Scorpions
8:25pm – Game of Throw-Ins v. Don’t Tell My Boss
BYEs – EAD FC, DAS FC, Kittenface FC

Playoffs* (determined by the regular season results) – see Playoff page
November 19, 2017 (quarter finals for Serie A, semi finals for Serie B/C)
November 26, 2017 – No games scheduled (Thanksgiving holiday)
December 3, 2017 – No playoff games scheduled due to Ravens home game
December 10, 2017 (semifinals/finals for Serie A; finals for Serie B/C)

*Dates, times, and/or venues may change slightly depending on number of teams and field availability.  In the case of inclement weather or any other conflict preventing play, the regular season and/or playoffs may be contracted, including the number of teams that make the playoffs, but all teams will be scheduled for the eight (8) guaranteed games.

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